My First Personal On Line Video

I posted this video as part of the Quick Start Challenge. Our week 2 challenge was to create a video of 30 seconds or longer and post it on YouTube. To do this I had to create a personal YouTube account, which is something that I thought I’d never do. However I understand the value of videos and the purpose of this challenge was to do something that is necessary but uncomfortable.  People can relate to you on line if they get to know a little about you.

I will use YouTube to post future videos for this blog, However, I may not be seen in all of them. In fact it’s actually not that bad. I will need to invest in a new web cam. The one on my laptop will not shoot wide format (16:9) video and that is the current aspect ratio standard for video. Or maybe I’ll just start shooting with my video camera. I’ll let you know.

Welcome to My Blog

Greetings and welcome to my first ever blog post. My name is Bernard McKinnie. And that’s right. This is the first time that I have ever typed anything into a blog. Many people will find that strange, especially those who know me, because for years I have been a technology consultant for many companies and organizations.

However, I have never taken much interest in social media. I do not have a Facebook page. I don’t Tweet. I’m not Linked In. And I have not yet created a personal YouTube account. I guess I’m just old school. When I want to talk to someone, I call them. However, I do like to use Skype and other video conferencing applications.

The reason that I’ve started this blog is that I decided to launch into the world of online marketing. For the past couple of years, I’ve been preparing myself for this. I’ve reviewed and sometimes purchased many online training courses taught by multiple “gurus”. Most of them only provided enough info to convince you to purchase their next product in order to get “the rest of the story.”

Recently, I was introduced to “The Quick Start Challenge”. It appears to be a very good training and coaching program that has a track record of helping people become successful at online marketing. When I say helping people become successful, I mean that they have helped people make a lot of money online. So I signed up. And the first assignment that they gave us (my class) is to create a blog. So, here it is – my blog. My immediate goal is to generate a $1,000 on line. You may be thinking why only $1k. Well after I make $1k, then I’ll be able to apply the techniques and scale my effort to make any amount I want. I plan to record how I do it on this blog. Then I will help others do what I’ve done. So come back from time to time to see how it goes.